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Areas of Practice:

Corporate and Finance


EOlegal has advised clients with respect to a range of transactions involving company formation, splitting up ownership equity, structuring complex governing documents (including shareholder agreements and operating agreements), drafting equity-based employment and consulting agreements, handling angel and series A round financings (and alternative crowd funding arrangements), structuring joint venture and strategic alliances, and taking charge of day-to-day corporate matters. Our C&F practice for emerging growth and new media companies is our firm’s bread and butter, and is designed to help our clients achieve their financing goals to a successful exit.


Intellectual Property


Through our intimate network of trusted patent attorneys, EOlegal has significant expertise assisting clients in analyzing and prosecuting patents, and securing trademark registrations and copyrights (both on a domestic and international basis). For our enterprising and dynamic business clients, EOlegal is well-versed in negotiating and handling IP licensing transactions and other instruments to monetize their valuable IP assets.


Entertainment, Technology, and Marketing


EOlegal has represented companies in film and television development and production, music production and publishing, branded entertainment, sponsorship and digital media marketing (including social media contests and sweepstakes), and mobile app and Internet companies.  EOlegal uses its deep connections in Hollywood to assist clients with celebrity endorsements and negotiating with agents and business affairs executives on a range of talent and bleeding-edge new media productions.  EOlegal also has experience structuring and negotiating development and production deals for video content producers, film producers and independent record labels.